Local opinion: Mike Jette is the best boss I ever had

Mike Jette is the best boss I ever had. He is a great leader, manager and mentor.

I met Mike 6½ years ago at the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Arizona in Tucson. Mike was assigned to be a prosecutor in the white-collar crime unit, and I was assigned to be his paralegal. Mike gave me a chance to do much more than the regular paralegal duties of organizing files, scheduling meetings, and maintaining his calendar. He did not need me to remind him of deadlines when his briefs were due to be filed in court or when he had a meeting or court hearing. He kept track of those things himself. Mike treated me not as someone subservient to him, but with tremendous respect and dignity, as a valued member of his prosecution team.

Mike included me in the meetings he had with federal agents, with witnesses, and with crime victims. He knew I had been a victim of a serious crime and saw in me someone who could provide support to other crime victims, to help them be less intimidated by the process and more comfortable in the courtroom where they would have to be on the stand. He let me chat with them to help them be more at ease and explain to them the logistics of what would be involved with giving testimony.

Theresa Hanson-Vargas, Special to the Arizona Daily Star