Local opinion: I regret supporting Laura Conover in 2020; I endorse Mike Jette

I supported Laura Conover in 2020 for Pima County Attorney. I regret that mistake.

Laura has been a disaster as County Attorney. She is unable or unwilling to do her job properly.

The County Attorney is not only criminal prosecutor, but also civil lawyer for Pima County government. When I was chair of the Board of Supervisors, the head of county government, I could not get Laura or her chief civil deputy to return my calls in a timely fashion. I had to wait days to get legal advice. This delayed important work I needed to do on behalf of the County. Other county officials told me they experienced the same lack of responsiveness and lack of diligence from Laura.

Laura involved herself in cases where she had a conflict of interest, taking positions against the interests of Pima County, which is unethical. This cost taxpayers lots of money because outside counsel had to be hired to handle multiple cases. It is alarming that Laura committed professional misconduct and was placed on diversion by the State Bar.

Sharon Bronson, Special to the Arizona Daily Star