What is the job of the Pima County Attorney?

The Pima County Attorney plays a vital role in the fair administration of justice, ensuring the safety of the community, and upholding the rights of all individuals. As the chief legal officer of Pima County, the County Attorney is responsible for a wide range of duties, including:


Prosecuting criminal offenses: The County Attorney is responsible for prosecuting individuals accused of committing crimes within Pima County. This includes working closely with law enforcement agencies to gather evidence, interview witnesses, and present cases in court.


Victim advocacy: The County Attorney's Office is committed to providing support and assistance to victims of crime, ensuring that their rights are protected and their voices are heard throughout the legal process.


Community outreach and education: The County Attorney is dedicated to fostering strong relationships with the community, engaging in outreach programs, and providing educational resources to promote crime prevention and public safety.


Diversion and alternative sentencing programs: The County Attorney recognizes the importance of addressing the root causes of crime and is committed to exploring alternative sentencing options and diversion programs that focus on rehabilitation and reducing recidivism.


Civil representation: The County Attorney provides legal representation to the Pima County Board of Supervisors, other elected officials, and county departments in civil matters, ensuring the county's interests are protected and that it is in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.