Letter to Voters

Time for change

Dear Voters,

We are deep into the new year and 2024 should be a time for change.


This is a time to reflect and plan for the future. It's important to acknowledge the enjoyable moments we share, like family outings and supporting local businesses. It is also important to acknowledge the the very real and increasing concern about crime and violence in our community.


For over 22 years, I've been an integral part of the Tucson community, both professionally and personally. With a 16-year career in prosecution, I've worked at various levels including as a Deputy County Attorney in Nogales, an Assistant Arizona Attorney General in Tucson, and an Assistant United States Attorney for the DOJ in Tucson. My international experience includes setting up prosecution offices and training them in U.S. best practices in Pakistan, and assisting U.S. citizens who were victims of violent crime, as well as aiding civilians escaping Taliban threats in Afghanistan.


Tucson has always been my home. Throughout my career here, I've managed major cases like the Rio Nuevo probe, prosecuted a former Nogales mayor, fought against scams targeting seniors, handled Arizona's largest copper theft case, a modern cattle rustling case in Marana, and various fraud cases involving local entities.


However, Tucson faces challenges: increasing crime rates, a lack of skilled prosecutors, low law enforcement morale, and a decline in quality of life, compounded by misleading narratives from the current County Attorney.


This leads me to announce my candidacy for Pima County Attorney. I am committed to bringing justice, safety, and prosperity to our community. Known for my balanced approach to justice, I focus on victim advocacy and the rehabilitation of defendants, considering the broader impact of each case.


As Pima County Attorney, my goals include enhancing social services, creating a dedicated elder crime unit, and addressing critical issues like rampant burglaries, retail theft, and the fentanyl crisis.


I ask you for your support and your vote.




Mike Jette Signature

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