LaWall: County Attorney Laura Conover is factually unhinged

Barbara LaWall was Pima County attorney from 1996 to 2020.

County Attorney Laura Conover can’t seem to tell the truth. At campaign fundraisers, at candidate forums, debates and house parties, Conover continually lies to the voters and to reporters as well. It is truly alarming to realize how factually unhinged Conover is.

Conover claims that she was never let in the building before being sworn in. Not true. Shortly after the primary election, she was given a personal tour of the building by Rick Unklesbay, the prosecutor against whom she later filed a State Bar complaint. And in another lie, she even denied having done that.

Conover falsely states that no one ever talked to her about the office or the transfer of power, the number of employees, about how the budget worked or other fundamental operations. “We had to come in blind and start over.” Absolutely. Positively. Not true.

We went out of our way and took special measures to facilitate a smooth transition for her. Her claim that “We had to come in blind and start over,” is the same kind of false polemic practiced by Trump, alleging without any basis that there was some kind of conspiracy to undermine her transition.

Barbara LaWall, Special to Tucson Sentinel